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All customers or viewers who have seen or visited this site is hereby agreed by giving his/her consent to the owner of this website the rights to use their personal data such as contact or any form of contact as regards to the PDPA by sending email or calling them for information based on their interests on all the above matters.


PDPA Consent Clause


By visiting this Website, you hereby agree that Abd Aziz Riadi and AAR Associates may collect, obtain, store and process your personal data that you provide in this website or Abd Aziz Riadi FB Page for the purpose of receiving updates, news, promotional and marketing mails or materials from Abd Aziz Riadi.

You hereby give your consent to Abd Aziz Riadi and AAR Associates to:-


  • Store and process your Personal Data;

  • Disclose your Personal Data to the relevant governmental authorities or third parties where required by law or for legal purposes.


In addition, your personal data may be transferred to any company within the group which may involve sending your data to a location outside Malaysia. For the purpose of updating or correcting such data, you may at any time apply to the Abd Aziz Riadi or AAR Associates to have access to your personal data which are stored by Abd Aziz Riadi.


For the avoidance of doubt, Personal Data includes all data defined within the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 including all data you had disclosed to Abd Aziz Riadi in this Website.

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